Religion is Basically Passive

Nothing is wrong in being passive: passivity is a way to be in deep contact with the universe. And you cannot be active with it. That is the difference between religion and science. Science is active with the universe, religion is passive with the universe. Science is just like the male mind - active, violent, forcing; religion is feminine mind - open, passive, receptive. Receptivity is always passive.
And truth is not to be created, it is to be received. You are not going to create the truth, the truth is already there! You have to receive it. You have to become the host, and then the truth will become your guest. And a host has to be passive. You have to be like a womb to receive it. But your mind is trained for activity - to be active, to do something - and this is the realm where whatsoever you do will become a hindrance. Do not do... just be! This is what passivity means: do not do anything. Just be, and allow that which is already there to happen to you. You are not needed creatively, actively, to do something. You are needed just to receive. Be passive, don′t interfere.
Nothing is wrong with passivity. Poetry happens when you are passive. Even the greatest discoveries of science have happened in passivity... but the attitude of science is active. Even the greatest things in science happen only when the scientist is passive... just waiting, not doing anything.
And religion is basically passive. What is Buddha doing when he is meditating? Our language, our terms, give a false impression. When we say Buddha is meditating, it appears because of the terms used, that he is doing something - but meditation means not doing. If you are doing something, nothing will happen.
All doing is just like sex. In the beginning, you have to be active; then a moment comes when activity ceases and you have become passive. When I say "Buddha is meditating," I mean Buddha is no more, not doing anything, he is just passive - a host waiting... just waiting.
And when you are waiting for the unknown, you cannot even expect anything. You don′t know really what is going to happen - because if you know, then the waiting becomes impure and the desire enters; you don′t know anything!
All that you had known has ceased, all the known has dropped. The mind is not functioning, it is just simply a waiting, And then everything happens to you. The whole universe falls into you; the whole universe enters from all sides into you. All the barriers are withdrawn. You are not withholding yourself.
Nothing is wrong with passivity. Rather, your activity is the problem. But we are trained for activity - because we are trained for violence, struggle, conflict. And it is good as far as it goes - because in the world, you cannot be passive. In the world, you have to be active, fighting, forcing your way. But that which is so helpful in the world is not so when you move towards deeper existence; then you have to reverse your steps. Be active if you are moving in politics, in society, for riches, for power. Be inactive if you are moving into God, into religion, into meditation. Passivity is the way there.

(Osho - Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, Vol.1 #30)