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Ramana Maharshi's Books

The Collected Works Of Ramana Maharshi

Edited by Arthur Osborne.

ramana maharshi It contains the famous pamphlet "Who Am I". Osborne′s presentation of Ramana Maharshi′s teachings shows readers the purest form of Advaita Vedanta (non-duality) through the supremely simple discipline of Self-inquiry.
Ramana Maharshi′s method is one of the 112 techniques of meditation, explained in The Book Of Secrets by Osho.

Osho: "Maharshi Ramana′s book is not much of a book, just a small pamphlet titled Who am I?
Ramana was neither a scholar nor was he educated very much. He left home when he was only seventeen, and never returned. Who returns to the ordinary home when one has found the real home? His method is a simple enquiry into your innermost core by asking "Who am I?" He is really the founder of the enlightenment intensive, not some American fellow, or fella, who pretends to be the inventor of it.
I have said it is not a great book, but the man is great. Sometimes I mention books which are great, written by a little man, very mediocre. Now I am mentioning a really great man who wrote a very small book, just a few pages, a pamphlet. Otherwise he was always silent. He spoke very little, just once in a while.
Kahlil Gibran would have been immensely benefited if he had gone to Maharshi Ramana. Then he would have heard The Voice of the Master. Maharshi Ramana would also have been benefited by Kahlil Gibran, because he could write like nobody else. Ramana was a poor writer; Kahlil Gibran was a poor man, but a great writer. Both together would have been a blessing to the world."
Osho - Books I Have Loved

Be As You Are

Edited by David Godman

This book, edited by the past librarian of many years at the sage′s ashram, is a compendium of those riches as bequeathed personally to pilgrims hungry to discover what is the Ultimate Truth.