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Imprisoned Splendor

The so-called religious person is religious because he is afraid. His whole religiousness is rooted in fear, is oriented in fear; hence his religiousness is not true, authentic religiousness, it is pseudo.
Your religion has to be not out of fear, but out of love. Don′t be afraid of hell - there is no hell, there never has been. It is a fiction created by the priests to exploit humanity, and they have exploited humanity for centuries. And there is no heaven either. It is the other side of hell; the other side of the fiction, That is to exploit your greed.
Greed and fear are not different phenomena but two sides of the same coin; the fearful person is always greedy, the greedy person is always fearful. In fact they are not two energies at all but two poles of the same energy. Just like negative and positive poles of electricity, inseparably together. There is no heaven either. Yes, there is a certain kind of hell and heaven, but that is psychological, within you. It has nothing to do with any place somewhere, below the earth or above, in the sky. It is not geographical.
Drop the whole idea of heaven and hell - religion has nothing to do with all that nonsense. Drop the idea of god as a person. To call god the father is simply to provoke your fear, because each child has been afraid of the father from the very beginning. And that fear remains for your whole life. Even if you go through years of primal therapy, it remains and lingers somewhere, it becomes so ingrained that it goes to your bones, to your very marrow. To call god ′the father′ is simply to create a childish fear in you and a childish dependence in you.
There is no god as a person and there is no super-father in heaven. God simply means the whole existence, it is another name for life.
Love life, be devoted to life, live life as totally as possible. That′s what I mean by offering. offer yourself to life totally without holding anything back and then great bliss arises, a bliss that has a beginning but not end.
The only revolution worth calling revolution happens through meditation. The political revolutions are not revolutions but, at the most, reforms and in fact almost useless reforms because the man remains the same, you only change the structure. If you change the structure and the man remains the same, nothing in fact changes. Even in the new structure he will behave in the old ways, in the same old ways.
It is only through meditation that your inner world changes because meditation means going beyond the mind, getting rid of the mind. And mind contains all the games and the numbers and the trips. Once the mind is dropped, you have a totally new perspective, a new vision, a new way of seeing and being. That′s what sannyas is all about: it is a revolution through meditation.

(Osho - The Imprisoned Splendor #7)