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Slander Poisons the Slanderer

the enneagramI will here remind you of what the Work says of life. It says that under the 3rd force of life, things always divide, disunite, and are at war - as life shews us. One party splits into two mutually hostile parties and so on. Now the 3rd force of the Work unites. It holds people together who in life would at once split and hate one another.
Through the 3rd force of the Work - and, let me emphasize - the work done by each person on himself or herself in the light of the Work - an accumulator can be made, by uniting people in a common understanding through a common language.
The supreme effort that has to be made in the Work is to feel the Work. Seek the Work first, fight for it, keep it alive - and then all the rest follows. Remember that all temptations in the Work-meaning are about feeling, valuing, cherishing the meaning and reality of the Work, of Esotericism. This is faith - a thing requiring much and constant effort of mind - an inner daily action in both mind and heart. Faith is what is unsupported by the evidence of the senses - by seen visible life.
Now in ordinary seen life, where people, even religious people, do not practically work on themselves each day, they accumulate a substance which cannot lead to unity. For example, they criticize one another, talk scandal privately, slander each other secretly and hate each other - in short, make every kind of internal account against one another. They are mechanical people, and just because they do not work they remain mechanical. As a result, there is formed a thick, heavy, psychological substance which Gurdjieff called by one of his strange words - something like ′Tzarvarno′. "This substance," he said, in so many words, "accumulates in life and makes all right relationship impossible. This substance has no Holy Spirit in it. It is dead."
He said "Tzarvarno" was due to the unnatural outward and inward manifestations of people to one another and was an accumulation of evil actions, thoughts and emotions, of which people do not understand the consequences. The Work calls it simply "making internal accounts." Now remember, the slightest, unworked on "evil" towards another mounts up and makes this thick, dead substance. Where? In oneself. One may suspect how often illness is due to this dead substance, daily formed. Now everything the Work teaches us to practice, to make effort about, is to prevent this heavy dead substance from forming itself. A good daily and nightly incinerator for negative states is necessary.

(Maurice Nicoll - Pyschological Commentaries, vol.3 page 973)