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Osho's Guidance on Robes

Osho's guidance on the wearing of maroon and white robes, which he gave last year to Ma Deva Anando to pass on to everybody in the commune, was read again at the meeting of the White Robe Brotherhood on March 27, 1990.

The white robe should not be used in any activities of ordinary life. There is a mystical gathering of energy into the robe. Day by day, as it becomes older, it gathers more potential. Just putting on the robe you will find yourself moving into the same space each time.
For all daytime activities in the commune grounds - whether meditations, groups or working - maroon robes are worn. Osho said, "These robes have nothing to do with sannyas; it has to do with the energy of the buddhafield. There is a special purpose which you might not be aware of, but it will become apparent as soon as everyone is in maroon."
He also said, "The maroon colour joins people's energies. people will feel it and see the difference within a few days of the whole campus wearing maroon robes. The robes create an energy: if 99 people are wearing the robes and one person is not, that person will suck the energy of the others."
Osho said, "It is strictly to be understood that these robes should not be used anywhere else, or for any other purpose - that will disturb the collecting energy. When people are dressed all in one colour, it creates a certain atmosphere which intensifies energy."
At one point Osho noticed individual touches appearing on our white robes. He said that he wants us to wear plain white robes - not cream, not patterned, not trimmed or embellished in any way.
He was also clear that he wants us to wear robes and not just something white. He said that it is something very simple and yet something very special to be worn only when sitting with him, meditating alone and watching his videos.
In response to a few people who had written letters to Osho saying that wearing robes was "going back to the past," Osho's reply was, "It is not going back; this is something completely new. It has nothing to do with sannyas; it has to do with the energy inside the buddhafield. The robes are only to be worn inside the campus."
Concerning the meeting of the Osho White Robe Brotherhood, Osho said, "That which cannot be said has to be experienced. This is a great experience of getting into the inner space. Something is experienced in this gathering which no one has been able to define.
"This," he said, "is the highest peak of the whole day's working, meditating, or doing groups in the commune."
So it is clear that Osho is asking us all to wear robes while on the campus. In respect of his wishes, to take part in the Buddha Hall meditations during the day, maroon robes will be needed, and for the Osho White Robe Brotherhood, white robes will be needed.
Similarly, please respect Osho's wishes and do not wear robes of either colour on the streets of Poona.

(Osho Times International, May 1, 1990)