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Witnessing: A Simple Phenomenon

Beloved Osho,
I am a first grade student in the subject of witnessing. Whenever I am listening to you talking about watching, witnessing, something in me feels so thrilled, excited, joyful, and a big "Ah!" comes up.
Recently I have heard you talk about watching the witness, yet I'm already happy and grateful for the few moments a day when I remember my hands, my body, having a little distance from my thoughts and emotions.
Could you please start with the ABC on this subject?

osho resting with feet on tableThe phenomenon of witnessing has no ABC or XYZ.
It is a simple phenomenon; it is a single step.
It is one process.
You can watch the body; the watching is the same. You can watch the mind - the object has changed, but the watching is the same. You can watch the emotions - again objects have changed, but the process of watching is the same. You can watch the watcher - a tremendous quantum leap, but still the subject is the same; only the object has changed.
Now watchfulness itself is being used as an object. And you have stepped behind watchfulness; you can watch it. And you cannot go beyond this watchfulness. You have come to the very end of your inner core.
So you are going perfectly right. Enjoy it, rejoice in it. More and more silence and peace will be coming your way, more and more blissfulness and benediction. There is no end as far as rewards are concerned, because they are all along the way. From the beginning to the very end, each step brings a new space - but it is the same step.
The journey of one thousand miles is done by the simple step, one step. You cannot take two steps at one time. Step after step, just a single step can be stretched to ten thousand miles or to infinity.
Watchfulness is a simple step. There is no alphabet in it. There are no beginners in it; there are no amateurs in it and no experts in it. Everybody is in the middle, always in the middle.
You are moving perfectly right. Just go on.

(The Osho Upanishad #11)

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