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The Quest Project

Many years ago a group of Dutch sannyasins undertook a project called The Quest. It still exists.

They write about it:

"This program (in English) makes it possible - with the help of keywords - to look through more than 8000 questions (briefly worded), asked to Osho. Each question has to it the title of the book, in which the answer can be found. See the 'Manual' to The Quest for how to use this program in the most optimal way."

They also write:

"The program does NOT give the answer itself because it would be infringement of copyright."

The idea being to look up a question and, in order to read the answer, to then go to the local library and get the book from the Royal Library in The Hague through your local library. Nearly all of Osho's books are in this Royal Library. But you could also buy the book of course or download it from Osho World.

In case you feel The Quest may be useful and you would like to test it out, it can be downloaded from here.