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The Divine Melody

Sometimes you talk non-sense in the lectures. How can you tell us to go and look for an alive master if you die? You know perfectly well that we are married for eternity. If you are trying to escape this marriage, too bad: there is no divorce available for Gods! Be certain that we'll be hunting you everywhere, in every stone or flower, in every eye and star.

Because I am so certain about it, that's why I can play - that's why I can say, "Look for a living master." I am so certain about you. My trust is absolute about you - that's why I can say, "When I am gone, don't be bothered with me: look for a living master.
But if you have loved me, I will live for you forever. In your love I will live. If you have loved me, my body will disappear but I cannot die for you. But I can assert much nonsense because I know your love: I trust it.
When a master says, "Don't go to anybody; cling to me. Even when I am gone, go on continuously with me, don't move anywhere" - that simply means he does not trust you. He is afraid, he has doubts - he knows that once he is gone, you will be gone. In fact, he knows that even while he is alive, you will be gone. He protects; he says, "Don't go to anybody else, I am the only one." He is very monopolistic. He is so doubtful, that his marriage with his disciples is a sort of monogamy. He's afraid. He is afraid because the divorce is possible - he is afraid of it, and wants to protect in every way so that it is not going to happen. He will say, "Never worship anybody, never love anybody, never revere anybody, never listen to anybody, never go to anybody - just look at me, and forget the whole world. Exclusively love me."
I don't say that to you. I know: even if I am gone, I know you will search for me. Yes, I can trust you will hunt for me in every stone and flower, in every eye and star...
And I can promise you one thing: if you hunt for me, you will find me... in every star and in every eye... because if you have really loved a master, you have moved into eternity with him. The relationship is not of time, it is timeless.
There is going to be no death. My body will disappear, your body will disappear - that will not make any change. If the disappearance of the body makes any change, that simply shows that love had not happened.
Love is something beyond the body. Bodies come and go, love remains. Love has eternity in it, timelessness, deathlessness. That's why, Seeta - the question is from Seeta - that's why sometimes I can talk nonsense. I know you will find sense even in my nonsense. I know you will understand, you will not misunderstand - that's why.

(Osho - The Divine Melody)