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Tomorrow when you go for a morning walk, enjoy the walk - the birds in the trees and the sunrays and the clouds and the wind. Enjoy, and still remember that you are a mirror; you are reflecting the clouds and the trees and the birds and the people.
This self-remembering Buddha calls ′sammasati′ - ′right mindfulness′. Krishnamurti calls it ′choiceless awareness′, the Upanishads call it ′witnessing′, Gurdjieff calls it ′self-remembering′, but they all mean the same. But it does not mean that you have to become indifferent; if you become indifferent you lose the opportunity to self-remember.
Go on a morning walk and still remember that you are not it. You are not the walker but the watcher, and slowly slowly you will have the taste of it - it is a taste, it comes slowly. And it is the most delicate phenomenon in the world; you cannot get it in a hurry. Patience is needed.
Eat, taste the food, and still remember that you are the watcher. In the beginning it will create a little trouble in you because you have not done these two things together. In the beginning, I know, if you start watching you will feel like stopping eating, or if you start eating you will forget watching.
Our consciousness is one-way - right now, as it is - it goes only towards the target. But it can become two-way: it can eat and yet watch. You can remain settled in your center and you can see the storm around you; you can become the center of the cyclone. And that is the greatest miracle that can happen to a human being, because that brings freedom, liberation, truth, God, bliss, benediction.

(Osho - Be Still and Know #5)


Osho's last lecture ends with the final recommendation: "Remember that you are a buddha - sammasati."

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