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Meditation Techniques of Vigyan Bhairav Tantra

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You have invented some techniques, meditation techniques, and you say that in India there are a 112 techniques of meditation. So how to choose what is useful?

They are all useful. One can just go through all 112 techniques - which one can do within half an hour, because each technique consists only of two lines. So just go through them, and any technique that strikes you, "This is what will be suitable to me" - try it. Or if you find two, three techniques, then try them one by one. Give each a chance.
Out of 112 there must be a technique - more than one; one is absolutely certain, but my experience is that more than one will be applicable to every human being.
And the easiest way is just to go through, read them, and any technique that suddenly strikes you, "This is it!" - give it a try, at least for twenty-one days. If it starts working, then forget everything, other techniques. Go on working on it. It does not matter how many techniques you try. What matters is that you try one technique to its very end, to its ultimate depth. And if you succeed in one technique, then every other technique becomes very easy.
If the first technique took six months, the other techniques may take just one week, because now you have reached to the exact point. You know the place, you know the space that meditation creates. This is a different path leading to the same space. And as you try a few other techniques, the time will become less. I have tried all 112 techniques. After trying a dozen techniques, it becomes so easy - the first time, you reach immediately to the space.
And then I have developed my own techniques other than these 112, because I saw that for the modern man there are a few problems which are not covered in those 112 techniques. They were written perhaps ten thousand years ago for a totally different kind of mankind, a different kind of culture, different kind of people.
The modern man, the contemporary man, has some differences - over ten thousand years it is absolutely evadable. For example, the Dynamic Meditation is not amongst those 112. It is absolutely necessary for the modern man, although it may not have been at that time. If people are innocent there is no need for Dynamic Meditation. But if people are repressed, psychologically are carrying a lot of burden, then they need catharsis. So Dynamic Meditation is just to help them clean the place. And then they can use any method from the 112. It will not be difficult. If they, right now, directly try, they will fail. I have seen many people trying directly - reaching nowhere, because they are so full of garbage that first it has to be emptied out.
Dynamic Meditation is of immense help. All the techniques that I have developed are for the contemporary man, and doing these techniques he will be clean, unburdened, simple, innocent. Perhaps there will be no need to try those techniques. But just for curiosity′s sake you can try one of the techniques, and you will be surprised how quickly you enter into its very innermost core. So first thing is something cathartic, which is absolutely necessary for the contemporary man. And then those silent methods can be used.

(Osho - The Last Testament, vol.3 #19)

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